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Fusion Force Racing started its journey in 2020, Toronto Ontario. At the beginning, our team was built by a group of auto enthusiasts and technicians with the intention of pushing our abilities and skills.


And thanks to the support by the amazing community and sponsors along the way, Fusion Force Racing has developed into a team of professionals who have accomplished some great achievements in 2021 & 2022 in CSCS.


Our goals in progress

We are currently focusing on improving our professionality to build a stronger and more competitive team. With a concentration on tuning the GR Supra & M2, we are aiming to enhance our expertises to build better machines, and break our own records by the end of this CSCS season, also to remain our leading position in the classes that we already participated in.



As our GR Supra team has presented us with exceptional results in Toronto’s racing events, we are rapidly building our reputation in the local car & tuning community.


Our creativity in car tuning has also gotten us attention from GR Toyota. Encouraged by our nonstop hard work, the local Chinese car tuning community is also pumped up to share their knowledge with us to manifest our common passion for racing.


We are setting Global Time Attack as our long-term objective and progressively achieving it by participating in domestic competitions like Time Attack in Ontario.


We will further challenge ourself in racing tournaments like GridLife in the U.S. to gain more valuable experience in racing & machine building on a global stage.

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